14 五 Advanced Pilot Cooling Tower

CHIMEC is proud to present the recent improvement of its Pilot Cooling Tower, a further step to enhance the service provided to our client.  

Cooling tower performance is strongly related to the intake water quality and the chemical treatment management.
The selection of the proper water treatment is a critical step, it’s management and further optimization is the aspect showing the difference between one supplier and the other.
In order to enhance continuously the quality of the support given to its client CHIMEC has further improved its Pilot Cooling Tower, which may now be settled in order to reproduce operational conditions similar to those employed in the real systems.
CHIMEC’s Pilot Cooling Tower is located inside a dedicated building, specifically designed to have the perfect control of the environmental temperature and to allow the desired exposure to direct sunlight.
Thanks to the improved PCT (Pilot Cooling Tower) CHIMEC is now able to evaluate in advance the effectiveness of the strategies selected to control Corrosion, Scaling and Biofouling. Our technical studies can be designed to:

– Develop customized technical solutions
– Perform dedicated troubleshooting sessions
– Assess the performance of CHIMEC’s technical solutions
– Develop environmentally friendly solutions

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