ERTC Annual Meeting

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08 Nov ERTC Annual Meeting

CHIMEC will be one of the exibitors at the next ERTC in Athens, Greece (13-15 November 2017).

Visit us at stand N°13 to learn more on our Process & DEKO Technologies and discuss about your actual needs.

Join us at CDU Advanced Antifouling Management presentation, Wednesday, November 15, h 15.30, Technical stream D.


With the primary objective in mind to foresee, prevent and eventually give an immediate response to such inconvenience, CHIMEC developed COSMO – Crude Oil Stability MOdel, which uses as input the Chimec Stability Index (CSI), a direct measurement of the tendency of a hydrocarbon stream (crude oil, gasoil, residues) to keep the asphaltenes soluble in the oil matrix.

The CSI has to be measured only once per each crude, by means of ASTM D7157 that relies on the Rofa France automatic analyzer, the only approved instrument for the determination of the Intrinsic Stability of Asphaltene-Containing hydrocarbon stream.

COSMO is a rigorous model able to predict the asphaltenes solubilization in the oil matrix taking into account the non-linear behavior of the asphaltenes stability. It can be used to forecast and avoid possible side effects in processing crude oils either critical or unknown, allowing the refinery to optimize the blend recipe and plan all the necessary actions to process the most convenient crudes without threaten the normal operations. As input, it only needs the CSI for each crude. Once all the crude oils processed have been analyzed, no other analysis are required until a new crude oil is processed.

Furthermore, COSMO allows for an Advanced Antifouling Management, hence its proper application and its cost/performance ratio optimization, through:

  • Preventing the fouling occurrence, i.e. Crude Slate optimization;
  • Limiting it with continuous low-dosage antifouling and tuning of the chemical dosage;
  • Restoring the unit throughput and heat exchange with high dosage shock treatment;
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