COSMO: Crude Oil Stability Model

COSMO Crude Oil Stability Model

18 May COSMO: Crude Oil Stability Model

Select and buy different crude oils on the market remains an effective way to significantly increase the profits of a refinery. Anyhow the blend of crude oils from different sources, due to their characteristics, can lead to significant issues if it is not properly managed. Destabilization of the asphaltenes, for example, can increase the fouling deposition with consequent increase of the energy consumptions and reduction of the unit flow rate. Asphaltenes can also increase the emulsion stability in the desalter, enhancing the corrosion phenomena with relevant safety risks.
Nowadays it’s definitely important to predict which will be the effect of new crudes in the usually processed blend. With this objective in mind, CHIMEC developed COSMO (Crude Oil Stability MOdel).
COSMO is a mathematical model able to simulate the non-linear behavior of the feed blending’s stability. It can be used to predict and avoid possible side effects in processing new critical crude oils, allowing the refinery to optimize the blend recipe and plan all the actions necessary to process the most convenient crudes without jeopardizing the normal operations.
COSMO allows to plan the proper application of the antifouling technologies maximizing its efficiency and optimizing the treatment cost.
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