CHIMEC is a worldwide oriented chemical industry operating in many economic, political, social and cultural environments in constant and rapid development.
All CHMEC activities must be performed in full respect of the law, in fair competition, with honesty, integrity and good faith with due respect of the legitimate interest of its customers, employees, shareholders, commercial and financial partners.
Anyone working in CHIMEC is , without any distinction or exception whatsoever, committed to respect these principles in performing his /her roles and responsibilities and to make sure that others respect them.
This Code of Conduct has been produced to define clearly CHIMEC values that CHIMEC accepts, acknowledges and shares as well as the responsibilities CHIMEC assumes inside and outside itself.
The respect of this Code by every CHIMEC employee is of paramount importance for the good functioning , reliability and reputation of CHIMEC.
Each CHIMEC employee is expected to have full knowledge of this Code and to contribute actively to its implementation and to report any shortcomings.
CHIMEC undertakes to facilitate and promote knowledge of this Code among its employees and to accept their constructive contribution to its contents. Any behavior violating the letter and the spirit of this Code will be punished according to the rules herein defined.
CHIMEC will check compliance with this Code by providing suitable information, prevention and control instruments and it shall ensure transparency in all operations and conduct by taking corrective measures if and as required.
This Code shall be brought to the attention of every person or body having business relations with CHIMEC.

Table of contents

  1. Applicability
  2. Compliance with the law
  3. Conflicts of interest
  4. Bribery
  5. Gifts and invitations
  6. Insider trading
  7. Money laundering
  8. Fair competition
  9. Confidentiality
  10. Intellectual property
  11. Business assets
  12. Information systems and e-mail
  13. Business documents and reporting
  14. Environmental protection, health and safety
  15. Embargo and trade control provisions
  16. Fair, polite and respectful treatment of employees
  17. Data privacy
  18. Implementation of the Code of Conduct
  19. Violations of the Code of Conduct
  20. Acceptance and signature of the Code of Conduct